The mission of Riverside Resources, Inc. is to be responsive to the choices and needs of persons with developmental disabilities by providing opportunities and services to support their preferences for working and living in their community.

Value Statements

  • Responsive: Riverside Resources, Inc. will be responsive to the needs of persons with Developmental Disabilities and seek input about the provision of services from stakeholders within available resources. Those stakeholders may include guardians, parents, staff, the Board of Directors, affiliates, state, county and local governments and agencies, as well as the community.
  • Efficient: Riverside Resources, Inc. will provide services in an efficient manner, making the best use of available resources including funding.
  • Community Based: Riverside Resources, Inc. will assist individuals in seeking out services by utilizing individualized, congregate, and generic resources in the Leavenworth County community.
  • Change: Riverside Resources, Inc. actively embraces change. Those changes which may impact the organization and persons served include legislative, philosophical, and economic.
  • Responsible: Riverside Resources, Inc. will strive to support persons served to maintain a healthy and safe lifestyle by balancing needs, risks and resources with choices.

Management Team

Executive Director: Michelle Hill

Assistant Executive Director:  Greg Pickman

Finance Director: David Price

CDDO Director: Janice Denney

Board of Directors

President: William Broeker, Jr.

Vice President: Holly Pittman

Secretary: Mary Sue Winneke

Treasurer: Rita Kowalewski


Jim Clark

Mike Vernon

Mary Ann Zohner

Alyssa Brockert